Oui The Label was first imagined in early 2015 with influences from "do-it-your-way" bridal icons such as Bianca Jagger and Olivia Palermo. We were moved by the desire to reinterpret the norms of bridal fashion at a time when there was a focus on extravagantly styled and priced wedding gowns, joining the very few bridal renegades in the movement to create affordable, cool-girl bridal wear alternatives.

We were three creatives who came from a non-bridal background, having a combined experience in styling, accounting, strategic planning, and videography, setting out to change our stars and to create modern heirlooms to be loved and passed on. Our version of bridal, a carefully curated collection of interchangeable pieces that are easy to wear and stays true to our modern luxe aesthetic.

There was and is to date, so much waste in both bridal and fast fashion, so we chose not to conform. Each style is developed with timelessness in mind so that the pieces should not only feature on a bride's most special of days, rather she should want to wear them again and keep them forever.

We came to the name OUI The Label, because every great adventure starts with the willingness to say yes! We loved the name as it not only serves as a constant reminder to experience the magic within the power of yes, but also to renounce the fear of failure and to open the mind to take a chance in love and in life.

Finally, OUI The Label has and will always be made for the bride who dresses for herself, seeking something simple yet elegant, fashionable but timeless. She is a picture of the modern woman who knows herself and embraces her femininity. An incurable romantic, with a penchant for art and travel.

We look forward in anticipation, as we clothe the many facets of the OUI woman.
Get in touch or simply say hello via info@ouithelabel.com

OUI Team x

We bring you fashion forward, interchangeable pieces that are easy to wear and stays true to our modern luxe aesthetic.  Each piece has been lovingly designed and hand-made to seamlessly fit together, allowing the Oui bride to rock multiple outfits on their special day.