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“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We have so much love for the handful of companies who are committed to using all natural ingredients and making our world a better place. It is not often we think about our beauty choices and what power it has with supporting environmental protection and a positive social change. With this in mind and so many other factors pro all natural versions of chemical-laden products, the team at Oui are very excited to share our favorite natural and organic beauty picks of the season.

We invite you to feed your skin the goodness it deserves. To say Oui to these tried and tested products that will make it to your essential beauty routine in no time.



Rose Hydrosol 

We're obsessed with anything and everything containing rose water and the Rose Hydrosol by Akhal beauty is absolutely divine! This toner has the most beautiful light scent and naturally sweeps away final traces of makeup after cleansing. We've also noticed smaller pores and an overall smoother, fresher complexion after a week of using this beauty.


Courtney + The Babes

Essential Oil Roller in Calm

Whether you are a beginner or avid essential oils user, the range by Courtney + The Babes is a must try and will guarantee an instant love affair with the stuff! An instant delight upon opening the cap, our all time favourite Calm blend combats anxiety and promotes relaxation when stress levels are high and emotions run wild. How very fitting for those unwelcome wedding day jitters. 


Frank Body

Coffee Scrub

If we weren't already taken by the delicious scent of ground robusta coffee beans, the benefits of this body scrub had us saying Oui Oui to this product! The scrub is rough enough to effectively remove dead skin cells without being harsh on the skin. We especially love how the added natural oils has left our skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.


Girl Undiscovered

Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask

Not only is this mask bursting with all natural ingredients your skin will thank you for, but it is also highly effective in correcting uneven skin tone. Thanaka tree bark and kanuka honey has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties which soothes stressed out skin. We especially love the gentle scrub this mask provides and the way it leaves our skin feeling so soft.



Face Hero Oil

We've officially dubbed Face Hero as our ultimate dessert island beauty product! The product is so wonderfully hydrating without leaving a residue and we absolutely love the light scent. After a week of application, the skin feels supple and we noticed a healthier, smoother appearance where tell-tale signs of ageing have started to emerge. 


Hello Hair

Botanic Hydrating Mask

Great wedding day locks may require a little effort and we have found the perfect product to assist! This vegan friendly, cruelty free, natural hair treatment breathes new life to dry and damaged hair.  We noticed softer, healthier tresses after the very first use and simply cannot get enough of the fresh and calming scent.



Kai Deodorant

Kai's signature scent will transport you to a tropical island, perfectly at ease with whatever comes and a long island ice tea in hand. We love the fact that it is aluminium free, cruelty free and most importantly, it works! The fact that it is also very kind to sensitive skin is just an added bonus.



Ultrabland Cleanser

Dubbed the holy grail of cleansers by the team at Oui, the Ultrabland by Lush is pure cleansing magic in a pot. The cream is gentle on the skin but extraordinarily effective in removing all traces of makeup. On top of that almond oil hydrates the skin whilst rose water calms and soothes, leaving your skin deliciously supple.


Moon Juice

Beauty Dust

Want luminous, lit-from-within skin? Yes please! Beauty Dust is a powdered herbal blend that promotes just that and we are utterly obsessed with the stuff. We definitely noticed a difference in each other after a couple of weeks of adding Beauty Dust to our morning coffees and chai lattes. A member of team Oui noticed stronger nails and a brighter complexion, and another simply radiates a sense of calm in her eyes. We believe what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin so this is definitely one to include in your pre-wedding beauty regime.


SALT by Hendrix

Rose Coco Soak 

The perfect pick-me-up after a long day, this indulgent bath soak creates the most refreshingly relaxing experience. It starts with a light, heavenly scent and before you know it you feel the stress melt away. The blend of organic coconut milk and dead sea salt moisturises and leaves the skin silky soft. To this, we say Oui!