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Emily and Dale

It's 2014. The Ebola outbreak is rampant, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is missing, Trent Cotchin is in his second season as captain of the Richmond Football Club and the dating app Tinder has hit the mainstream.

Two uni students living on opposite sides of the river are introduced by their mutual – slightly obnoxious friend, Tinder. A classy $4 pizza date at Lucky Coq is the setting for the beginning of Emily and Dale’s love story.

The chemistry was instant. Despite the fact both were driving with Emily stone-cold sober on her P’s, the two giggled like tipsy teens and wandered around Prahran discussing the various distances of trees and going down the slide in the park playground. A bit random? Sure. Hella romantic? Damn straight. After sealing the deal with a kiss on date one, both felt smitten from the get-go.

Emily and Dale

I never really thought we would be the type of couple who has a proposal story, I always just assumed that one day, we would decide to get married. I certainly never assumed I would get a proposal that made me ugly cry. 

Dale had come home from work and was being... suspicious. We were getting ready to go out to a dinner that I had planned, at a restaurant we had been wanting to try. Dale was getting ready to go and went to pull out a shirt from his drawer, when an express post package fell out with it. Being a cheeky little brat, I immediately responded with "What's that? IS THAT A PRESENT FOR ME? Why you being weird?" But quickly moved on. Little did I know, that I had sent Dale into a tailspin, FULL. BLOWN. PANIC. He knew I was on to him, and didn't think I could forget about the package, it was now or never.

Moments later, with my back to him, reading aloud a letter from the ATO (that's the Australian Tax Office for international viewers) in the kitchen, he said my name, and when I turned to him, he was on one knee. 

Emily and Dale

We knew that we wanted to share the day together and that we wanted things to be relatively normal in the morning.To wake up together, walk our little dog and have a delicious breakfast together. Casual. That's probably the best way to describe us and our desire for the day.

We had our photos with family and friends taken beforehand at our favourite Brunswick bar, and old local, Mr Wilkinson (Shout out to Jack and Kitty who let us do that!). We then walked down to our venue, Alchemy Brewing, with our bridal party, giggling, holding hands, and hoping not to be rained on. It was perfect.

Together, we walked down the aisle, had a quick little ceremony, then sampled all of Alchemy's beers and danced the night away.

Emily and Dale

I had never intended to be a white wedding dress kind of gal, but found Oui The Label's Belle dress at Maison Oui, and thought, "Hey, we will try on one white wedding dress that I like enough, and then I can say I tried". 

When I put it on, as Jen can attest to, some less than bridely words left my mouth, and I was in on the white dress fantasy.

With Jen's guidance, we combined the exaggerated Belle sleeves and plunging neckline with the elegance and stunning split of the Utopia gown. Being a plus-sized girly, finding a wedding dress was an idea that filled me with utter dread, and I am grateful to have been able to work with Jen, who had a really strong vision of a design that would make me look and feel incredible. It took some serious trust, but I am so glad I took the plunge!

From here, it became full Disney Princess / Bougie Little Bow Peep. I wanted it to be fun, so paired it with some short white boots, and an oversized silk pink bow, that matched Dale's bowtie and pocket square. Simple gold earrings I already had, my incredible "Sucker for Love" engagement ring from Stash, and a beautiful gold, sapphire and diamond ring from my mum.

Emily and Dale

Boutique: Maison Oui
Hair and Makeup: Making Pretty 
Photographer: Little White Space Photography 
Event Stylist and Florist: Edward and I 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Shona Joy 
Engagement and Wedding Rings: Stash Jewellery 
Groom's Outfit: Jacket and Shirt from Politix, Pants from Oxford, Pocket Square and Bow Tie from OTAA, and Shoes from Dr Martens
Celebrant: Abby from the Hitch Sitch