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Colorado Springs - 2 October 2021


We met through our good friends in the summer of 2018. Bryson’s friend had a pop-up shop at a local boutique in our town that my friend dragged me to. I was recovering from a minor procedure and didn’t feel like going, but my friend insisted. We introduced ourselves and I thought that that would be the first and last time we spoke. It wasn’t until the second time we were around each other that we started to really enjoy our time together. From that moment on, we saw each other every single day for months until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.






We were in Colorado Springs visiting our friends for the week and started the day by going up to the mountains to sightsee and hike. After our hike, We had a photoshoot planned for our friend’s luxury picnic business, so we got ready and headed to the beautiful Garden of the Gods. After about 10 minutes of taking photos, our photographer had us turn away from each other and then turn back around to look at each other. To my surprise, Bryson was kneeling on one knee holding up a ring with tears in his eyes asking me to marry him.

I started crying immediately and asked him if he was serious before shouting YES!

I asked our friends if they knew and found out they had been planning this for months which made it that much more special. One of my favourite songs, “This too shall last” by Anderson East was playing in the background. I will always cherish how much thought and time was put into our proposal by not only Bryson but our friends too.





Ever since we started dating, we knew that when the time came, we wouldn’t want to have a long engagement. However, I did not expect to have our wedding just 3 months after we got engaged! It was stressful and chaotic, but when the day came, all I felt was relief when I woke up that morning. Relief that the planning was over but also a calmness settled over me because I knew I would get to marry my best friend that day.

We got married on 2 October 2021 (which also happens to be my birthday) back at Garden of the Gods. It was a perfect 21 degrees outside with a slight overcast when we had our intimate ceremony. Our closest friends and family joined us in a field in front of a huge sandstone formation, which made for the most beautiful backdrop.

I’ll never forget the sweet and loving look on Bryson’s face as he saw me walk up to him. The reception was at my parent’s house, it was simple and very non-traditional but we loved every minute of it as it was exactly what we wanted. We had cake, ate Gumbo (a Louisiana speciality), and enjoyed our time with our family who travelled a distance to see us get married. It truly was the most magical day.





The Eleventh dress by Oui the Label was only the third dress I had tried on and I immediately fell in love with its simplicity and elegance. Though it was unlike anything I thought I wanted, this modern dress was just what I was looking for. I knew the dress was “the one” when I tried on a veil and my mom started tearing up and shaking her head in agreement.

For the jewellery, I got a simple necklace with just an oval diamond dangling from the chain, which paired well with my earrings that resembled leaves on a vine, which I got from MLineJewels on Etsy. I only wanted the most simple, elegant jewellery to ensure it looked amazing with my dress. I also got a stunning handmade cathedral veil from Etsy that I was obsessed with.




I couldn’t imagine a better man to go through life’s journey with me. I vow to honour you each and every day, to be your best friend, to laugh when you laugh and to support you when you cry, to challenge you to be a better man and to love you unconditionally. Today and this day forward, I devote my heart to you, and I give myself to you.


From this day forward, I vow to be the husband that God created me to be. Unfortunately, I cannot vow to be a perfect man, but I do vow to be a progressing man. I vow to make you a priority. I promise to be your best friend and confidant. I vow to uplift and encourage you in the low seasons and celebrate and be joyful in the high seasons. I vow to love and support you for the rest of our lives.


Gown: Eleventh
Stockist: Unbridaled Houston
Hair: Lili and Lauren from Blush Dry Bar Salon in Colorado Springs
Photographer: Clark D Miller
Florist: He Loves Me Flowers in Colorado Springs
Bridesmaid Dress: Azazie Bree
Jewellery: Earrings from MLineJewels on Etsy
Engagement ring: Brilliant Earth
Wedding rings: Støberi
Groom's outfit: Express suit, Steve Madden shoes